Author Topic: Nike did an admirable job moving the new release air max 2013 mens along  (Read 2904 times)


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Up popped news from the nike air max thea print mens, using its new rock plate, added toe protection and  improved traction – the added improvements I had been in search of.Gone will be the thin  and bunchable tongue of the original PureGrit! In their place stands one of the better updates  towards shoe, an asymmetrical, padded tongue that's reinforced by asymmetrical lacing. The  tongue for the air max 2013 can be a continuation on the lateral (outside) upper.

After looking over the modifications that Nike had meant to the shoe I had been more  excited to get into the shoes and also on towards trails. What really impressed me was the new  aggressive look in the shoe.The shoe climbs being a bear over any terrain. An added rock  plate provided great overall protection for the most technical trails whilst providing a great touch of added propulsion through toeoff.I am able to’t whine an excessive amount as it would be still a terrific trail shoe under 10 ounces. And, more to the point, I’m sure several of that extra ounce  influences thickened tongue and the increased tread. So, while nobody would like to see weight  sneak in on a model of shoe, I'd contend the ounce gained is worth it.By in large the top from the nike air max 2013 mens red seems fairly unchanged. However, upon closer examination runners  will discover a classical tongue versus the medial coupled wrapped tongue that's  consistent inside remaining portion of the line.

The air max 2013 includes a chunkier, more rugged appearance compared to slipper-light fit and feel  in the air max 2013 kpu mens. The greatest improvement for me personally however, will be the more aggressive lug  pattern of the outsole – it appears to be third time lucky for Nike that have finally  produced a PureGrit with reliable traction.The new shoe also feels sturdier, with added toe  protection and also a built in rock plate. Ideal the harder technical sections of the West  Highland Way and added protection from the cobbles of Rannoch Moor plus the rubbly expanse  of the Lhairig Mhor. I had time for 2 runs to use the shoe before the  race.The air max 2013 is an excellent performance trail shoe as they can fit nicely into the void  between traditional and minimalist shoes. The PureGrit includes a very natural feel and simple  look, but has just the correct quantity of cushioning and support to maintain it light, fast, and  fun to operate in.

It scores bonus points for correcting two major issues in the previous model, while  leaving every one of the pieces set up that made the previous model an excellent shoe. Nike did an admirable job moving the new release air max 2013 mens along and that i hope they keep making as many or as few  tweaks as necessary in the future to help keep it available on the market.